XOLA Gift Set

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XOLA Gift Set

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XOLA's Holiday Gift Set is the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one this season! This set includes a bundle of luxurious, handmade self-care goodies in a gorgeous XOLA logo mug. You even have the option to have this item gift wrapped! 



1.  S M U D G E

The burning or 'smudging' of sage is believed to purify and clear spaces of negative energy. Smudge before beginning your beauty ritual! Remember to use a safe container for your sage! 


2.  M A S Q U E

Clarify the skin with a luxurious Bentonite Clay Masque.

You can also try a scrub made with brown sugar, lemon and honey! (not included)


3.  C L E A N S E

Use the activated charcoal soap to cleanse the skin and remove your masque or scrub.


4.  F I N I S H

While wet, seal in your treatment with XOLA's special blend of essential oils, including Rose Hip & Jojoba.


5.  R E L A X

Brew a cup of specialty tea crafted exclusively for XOLA. Relax and enjoy!

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